History of the Group

In 1993, our founding chairman Mr. Ing Bun Hoaw, a little-known businessman at that time, decided to launch a trading company with his two brothers.Over the years, the business grew and became a group of companies, subsequently called AZ Group. His pioneering vision was to build a company that would touch the lives of every Cambodian in a positive way, and he has achieved this by building a broad portfolio of successful businesses.After later deciding to enter the political arena, Mr. Bun Hoaw handed over the leadership of the business to his wife, Heng Sokha. In 2010, two of AZ Group’s most established companies, Daun Penh Construction and Daun Penh (Cambodia) Import-Export, were incorporated into a group of companies called Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group.In early 2011, six more ventures were launched within the Daun Penh (Cambodia) Group, making it one of the largest business groups operating in Cambodia.